Saturday, November 18, 2006

Of Handphones, Again!

If you remember, I have been hawing on the fact that my antiquated 3210 Nokia is giving way, with a moody screen that blanks out during weekends, battery life that supports half a conversation... I can almost see eyes rolling on some who have endured the years of my complains.

For some people, changing handphones is like buying clothes, never mind the thousands they need to part every time they do it. Jan's colleage has an obsession of getting the latest ones in the market and what does he do with the "old" ones? He destroys it and takes out the memory chip. WHY? These gadgets are worth a month's pay!

Anyway, KS has kindly forced offered to get a new one for me to which I have counter offered to accept a subsidy of it, out of embarrassment.

So with an abandoned flourish (if that is possible), I clicked SEND to place my order via email yesterday. Now I will await in eagerness come Monday. KS will have to wait and see if I got the white or black.

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