Monday, November 27, 2006

One Week Review

This is how my phone looks like. Yes, I got a white Sony Ericsson W810i - FINALLY! I love the white as it makes it look so different from other black phones.

After one week of using it, I am quite familiar with it already. It is surprisingly user friendly, coming from a Nokia 3210 user. Symbols are quite easily understood and the keypad allows two thumb typing with a good flow.

What I haven't done is to download songs into it to make full use of my Walkman feature. But I'll only start learning that once I get my hands on a software that allows me to snip parts of the music that I want for ringtones.

I'm looking for unusual tunes (currently using the song sung by Stephen Chow in Shaolin Soccer, the horribly out of tune one). Already know what tune to use when am being summoned by my boss - O Fortuna. Other than that, I have yet to be inspired.

All in all, I am very happy with the phone and love that I can hold a decent conversations without having the battery die on me.

(Ron, when you get back to Malaysia, can you bring me a copy of your CD from Paris?)


Grace said...

What a cool phone! Don't forget the song Dragosta Din Tei!

Karen said...

Woo hoo! Nothing like new technology! I have an MP3 player on mine also but to be honest with you, I've never used it because as it is, my 20G ipod is completely maxed out.

I have a very short attention span so need to be constantly listening to new music. Unless they make a phone with 80G (like the new ipods) I don't think I'll be using any of their MP3 systems anytime soon. :)