Sunday, November 12, 2006

Eric and the Burning Kitchen

I am on the way to making Eric an urban legend. My new colleagues can't wait to meet him and refer to him as "the guy with the snake in the apartment!". My friend who's met him says his stories are good for long haul drives and she has even retold his misadventures to her cousins.

So, on this morning when I feel like blogging but have nothing much to say, I am finally going to tell you about the Burning Kitchen Episode. Note that I have also put up my first label "Eric's Misadventures".

It happened one day when Eric felt a little too tired to jog and went straight home to his apartment. His mum was staying with him at that time had the kettle on the stove on the open wet kitchen area. To prevent wind from blowing out the flames, she had placed a cardbox around the stove.

Now, this recipe of a cardboard box near an open fire in Eric's home is a recipe for disaster.

He was lying on his couch, enjoying a rest when his mum shrieked from the kitchen. Running into the kitchen, he saw flames licking the walls and up the plastic piping connecting the apartment above. Unfortunately, the water pressure from his kitchen sink was very low and he had to run to and fro the toilet to fill buckets.

Now, his open kitchen faces the corridor leading to other tenants main doors. One of his neighbours saw the fire and poked her head nearer to have a closer look. This was while Eric was approaching the fire with a half filled bucket.

Her exclamation of "Waaaah!! Fire!!!" and whatever she was going to say was literally drowned when the bucket of water ricocheted off the wall full on to her face.

Eric didn't know or bother what happened to her after that but thank goodness the guards had been alerted. They unravelled the water hose and doused the fire and his kitchen out before any severe damage had occurred.

I believe the guards know him very well now, after this and the snake incident. They should have a CCTV trained onto all corners of his apartment for prevention.

There's still yet another story to write on Eric's Misadventures. The Bicycle Race Incident. That I will save for another rainy day.

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