Sunday, December 16, 2007

Company Dinner

How could I forget to blog about this?? Last Saturday my department had a Staff Appreciation Night. We don't have annual dinners nor company trips as my company is huge (with over 7000 employees so logistics would have killed the organisers).

So my department of over 350 staff were treated to a dinner for the first time. And, ahem, because I was one of the staff who were going to receive awards up on stage with my Group Managing Director, I felt like I needed to dress up a little.

So early morning, I rushed to Bangsar Village II (as recommended by my CG member) to do my nails. Unfortunately, I didn't realise I needed an appointment and the staff told me to come back 6 hours later. SIX? Bad Luck #1. So I rushed to another place in Aman Suria, PJ and thank goodness they said they would be available in an hour.

Then, when the girl was doing my nails, she clipped one of my cuticles until it bled. I was in such pain but determined to have my french manicure, I grit my teeth. Oh, and when I stepped out from the shop, late for my hair appointment in Pyramid, there was already bubbles forming under one nail. Bad Luck #2.

Hair studio. Recommended by my colleague. The experienced lady was too busy so I ended up having this young chap do my hair. I felt like I had stepped into one of those old Chinese movies and dressing like the Wong Fei Hong era would have suited my hairstyle to the T. And he had all my hair
pulled from my face, making it rounder than ever. I protested but because there wasn't time, I left with my head down as I ran all the way to my car. Bad Luck #3.

On the way to my friend's place, I decided that I would do something about it. Who cares if I was going to be late. I don't want to feel uncomfortable the entire night when I was supposed to be enjoying myself. So I went to the nail studio again (they were a hair saloon too) and got them to touch it up. I still wasn't totally comfortable with my hair but heck, I resolved that I WOULD enjoy my night, stupid hair, bleeding finger, being late and all.

And heck, I enjoyed myself and took loads of silly photos that night. Will get it from my colleague and post some up soon.

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