Saturday, December 01, 2007

Corridor Survey

My colleagues and I have been doing a survey on the guys, asking a somewhat sexually harassing question, which always bring a lot of laughter. The question is, which body part of a girl would you normally check out first?

It started off by asking the guys at my office and our husbands first. So here’s my results:

Legs – 4
Boobs - 3
Butt – 3
Face - 3
Waist – 1

So far, the legs category is leading with the others fighting for second place. So right now, boobs look overrated.

The other finding was equally amusing. The reaction of the respondents. Some balked and tried to weasel their way out before finally giving one preference (although these answers would be considered not really accurate – one tried to say “brain” *rolls eyes*). Some have been extremely forthright, “BREASTS!” even as the question left our lips.

We have just embarked on asking the girls which body portion we look at in guys. So far the butt rules.

1 comment:

Grace said...

I tend to look at 2 things. A man's posture and next his jawline.