Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Visit to the Dentist

After a two year procrastination, I finally dragged myself to see the dentist. After so long, one thing that struck me as constant from dentist to dentist is this:

1. They always ask if I had had braces before, which I haven't.
My childhood dentist (who committed suicide when I was in high school) was a really good one, years before he became a little strange (by asking Ron to pull out six of his permanent teeth to do crowning all because he had coffee stains). Anyways, he advised me to remove all my gigi taring as I had large teeth and small jaw. I listened and now I don't have that 2 protruding teeth at both sides of my mouth. I still have bunny teeth though but it could have been worse.

2. Dentists usually are usually quite awkward when it comes to small chat.
I commented that he had a busy day ahead with so many patients waiting for him outside (I was number 16 and had to wait for three hours) and he started talking about how this happened because it's year end, people feel happier and that bonuses are being paid and if I look at the malls this weekend, it would be crowded. I was saved by the fact that he had instruments in my mouth and merely grunted.

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