Saturday, September 06, 2008

5 Sen

While I'm on a roll, here's another Story of My Sister. We lived beside a rather rich neighbour in PJ and he had a son around the same age as Grace and Ron. Our houses had a deep but narrow drain just outside the house with slabs of concrete on top of it leading into the driveway.

As children, we could easily squeeze under it but it was always full of cockroaches, moss and creepy crawlies. Not a good place to hang out if you're squeamish.

So anyway, Grace found a 5 sen coin and challenged the boy neighbour to crawl under this narrow passageway before she would give the coin to him. He took up the challenge and as he was crossing it halfway, he started screaming. At that, Grace and Ron ran back to the house, and never gave him the coin.

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Grace said...

How come you remember all these stories? You were not even 2 years old!