Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We're Back!!

We're back after a 4 night 5 day visit to Hong Kong. Man, it was great! The food, the shopping, the transport...

Here's the most important card during our entire trip, the Octopus travel card. Used on trains and buses, it could even be used to buy ice cream at an ice cream truck along Ladies' Market!
Our first stopover was at Tung Chung, where there were branded goods at wholesale prices. Unfortunately for me, I remain an unbranded person and left the place empty handed. I had my first bowl of the famous wonton mee there though and each wonton had about two succulent prawns. Really yummy.We then headed to the hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), called USA Hostel situated in Mirador Mansions along Nathan Road. Oh boy, were we in for a culture shock! The entrace to the place was paved with shops selling fake handbags, tailors and a sex shop with a mannequin wearing bits of leather and chains.
Then the elevator was so small it could just about fit the 5 of us with bags. Up to the 13th floor, the narrow passageways led us to the "reception" area - a mere plastic foldable table and wooden stools for customers to wait their turn. We kept looking at each other, wondering if we had chosen the right place to stay.

The rooms were incredibly small. My parents and Jan had a double decker and a single bed with at least some walking space while our room was fitted with a queen sized bed wall to wall with a narrow area for opening the door. Here's a picture of the room with me standing from the furthest possible corner.
However, it was extremely clean and the location was fantastic!

On the first night, we went to the Peak. Pity it was a hazy night but here are a couple of shots taken from the rooftop.

On the second day, we had tim sum for breakfast and headed to Disneyland. Yes, we decided to go in the end and I'm very glad that we did because we really enjoyed ourselves! I think I'll write a separate posting on Disneyland later.

On the third day, we went to Stanley Market. The bus ride there was really something! Reminded me of Batu Ferringhi, Penang with all the twists and turns along a beachfront, on a double deck nevertheless! The market was so-so but I ended up buying a top there and some cute handphone accessories.
After Stanley Market, we headed to Avenue of Stars with a spectacular view of Hong Kong Island and some famous hand prints. Unfortunately, it was still quite hazy so my pictures are somewhat blur. Me and Tony Leung's handprint!
The final day, we were supposed to go Macau but since we had not had the chance to explore TST and Mongkok (Ladies Street), we decided to forgo Macau. And I'm glad we did because we discovered Muji in TST! Everyone bought something from Muji and were very happy with our purchases. I am now a self declared fan of Muji.

After a round of Muji, to my surprise, there was a Lush shop there too and I went crazy just stocking up my shampoo. Sigh. What a wonderful morning.

We then headed to Mongkok to the Ladies Street. It was simply PACKED with people! Incredible! However, given the warnings that we are not to touch or bargain anything we don't intend to get, we felt ill at ease and didn't look much. BUT! I spotted a shop selling handbag holders and Jan, Mum and I bought about 15 holders! Here's my five:

And finally, here's the damage:
Aji Iciban (the two packets at the back) is from a shop selling tid bits and we bought quite a lot of small chocolates for the office. But today's headlines screams, "Avoid tainted milk products from China!" so looks as though no one's going to eat it. Cheh.


Grace said...

What the heck does someone do with 15 handbag holders? Carry 15 handbags?
Great to hear you had an awesome holiday.

jo said...

5 each lah. so that's only 5 bags per person. :)

ron said...

What on earth is a handbag holder??? Don't you hold your handbag in your arm??

jo said...

whaaaat? you don't know what a handbag holder is??? for once, i know something you don't?!

used during dinners, girls hang their bags on the hook end while the other disk end rests on the table. this is to avoid the small bag from always falling from the chair.