Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Moving On Again

I have tendered my resignation with my company last week. Was rather caught up with the interviewing, negotiating and deciding hence my silence for the last couple of weeks.

I'll be going to another bank and I do look forward to having better prospects from there. The bad thing is, I have a new boss who just came in 3 days ago and she's really nice. But hey, I don't think a pinch of salt could make a pail of pipe water into seawater. Not just yet. More pinches of salt and it just may but it will take some time.

Again, the uncertainty, the worry about whether I'd be able to perform at my new workplace, new colleagues is kinda stressing me out. But I will stick to this decision. Especially after I hear from my new boss that I am known to "throw in my letter" a couple of times, which is absolutely untrue (it was once and I didn't throw in my letter) so it looks like I'm the boy who cried wolf with resignation letters now. Great.

So, in less than a month, I will be moving on to a new company, the second time in my life. By the way, funny thing is that Jan also resigned and will start almost at the same time as me at a new job.


Karen said...

Change is always good... Good luck with everything! Hope this job brings you lots of interesting challenges (that you want), a good pay (for all your efforts) and good co-workers (you always need compadres at work!)


jo said...

thanks. it is sad, though, to leave my colleagues who have become close friends. :(