Monday, September 08, 2008


Recently a Member of Parliament by the name of Ahmad Ismail called the Malaysian Chinese as ïmmigrants". A big furore ensued and the Chinese leaders from both the Opposition and the Barisan, one of them Dr Koh Tsu Koon, President of Gerakan. Dr Koh, amongst others, lodged a police report after Ahmad uttered the degratory words, demanding an apology from Ahmad.

While all this was going on, Ahmad simply couldn't be reached for comment. Badawi tried to calm things down and even got Najib to apologize on Ahmad's behalf.

Then, when Ahmad was finally reachable, instead of being repentant, he started accusing the Chinese press for "misquoting" him without explaining exactly how he was misquoted. Then he demanded Dr Koh to aplogize instead to him for stirring trouble.

Today, Ahmad proclaimed that Barisan ejects Gerakan from its coalition, followed getting his supporters to take down Dr Koh's picture and proceeded to tear it to bits in front of the press.

Obviously, Badawi is upset because all eyes are on him now to bring out the rotan. He really has no choice now but to excommunicate Ahmad from the party, really. But if he doesn't, it only shows how weak a leader he is. Well, we'll see.

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