Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hong Kong!

We're leaving for Hong Kong next week and I'm now getting pretty excited! We've got a few plans in the pipeline but it's going to be somewhat free and easy.

We have Disneyland in our itinerary but most reviews say it's a waste of time. KS and my parents insist that since Jan and I have never been, we should go. Oh well, we'll play by ear and see if we're really that keen.

I'm looking forward to more of just discovering the place, not so much of shopping or sightseeing. However, it's now Autumn and I'm an Autumn girl so shopping will still be inevitable. :)

Unfortunately our Ringgit isn't very strong at the moment so looks like I'll have to empty my savings for this trip.


Grace said...

yes, this disneyland is more for the under 6 year olds. Better to spend your money on Disneys in the USA.

Wendy said...

If I'm not mistaken, the ticket costs RM600 per person!