Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hong Kong Food

Fried fish skin dipped in soup Assorted beef parts noodle
Fried rice noodles, congee (in replacement of a hot drink), some dumplings, mango with grass jelly dessert
A huge sui kau
Pork knuckles in sour soup noodles
Beef noodles
Pork chop with rice
Borsch soup (Kim Gary KL has a nicer version of this soup)
Grass jelly with sea coconut dessert
Goose & taufu


ron said...

Tak makan sayur kah??

Karen said...

Ron....you know your sister is not a veggie eater... COME to Canada... I will be stuffing leafy greens down your throat!! LOL

How do you not get scurvy, I do not know...

jo said...

oh great incentive to visit canada. :( i swear i'll bring chocolate bars in case you only cook all the leafy greens for my meals.