Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Colourful Neighbours

It just struck me this morning when I spoke to my housemate that our neighbours are quite colourful.

One worships the Japanese Coffin thing, with frequent chantings coming from the house. Another is an Ah Beng who works night shifts at, what we imagine to be, a nightclub. He would occasionally thumping Ah Beng music loudly from his room and once had a screaming match with his girlfriend/wife at past 3am with her slamming doors and he stomping out of the house while still screaming back at her.

Then another is a naggy wife who shrieks frequently at her taxi driving husband during the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning.

And the other neighbour who has caused us to call the cops twice now. This neighbour once had a wedding party with a tent erected across the road, causing a road closure and played thumping Indian music at full blast until past 3am. KS couldn't take it after a while and had to call the cops.

Last night I had to call the cops too because they had a visitor who came at about 2am and they had a huge argument, shouting at each other on the street with threats of death. The "visitor" used the gate to smash against the owner's parked van just outside the house which ensued more shouts.

Looking forward to a quieter (fingers crossed) neighbourhood soon.

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