Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You Cybertrooper, You!

The day after after Sibu by-elections fell to the Opposition party, a friend who is pro-government commented a neutral statement on his Facebook status. In reply, there were about 60 comments with all the pro government folks bashing the Opposition party.

I couldn't stand it, reading about the accusations hypocrites and misuse of taxpayers money to fund cybertroopers to weave "destructive" tentacles into the web. After all, who is the bigger culprit of hypocrites and misuse of taxpayers funds?

So I commented that hypocrites don't just belong to the Opposition (and I'm not denying it) and there are bigger misuse of the taxpayers money elsewhere. And of course I got immediate and childish feedback.

Anyway, one also asked if I were one of the paid cybertroopers. Wow. I didn't know I could earn side income but no thank you. I only speak the minds of a lot of Malaysians. We are no longer blind and don't need to be paid. I also immediately started blocking my FB details and informed my loved ones that I don't have suicidal thoughts if I am ever found to have "jumped" from a 14 storey building, just like a certain case.

Now, since the government lost in that by-election, it would be interesting to note whether the Prime Minister will follow through with his promise of funds being offered to the Chinese during the campaigning. Like a friend said, "He will lose both ways". By not giving the money, this would be blatant bribing "I'll pay you only if we win" but if he does give, then he's giving the funds to a state that just fell to the Opposition. Ooo, this is going to be interesting to observe.

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