Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Kopi in an Espresso Cup

Last week when we met up with the contractor to discuss on his quotes, he brought along his right hand man. Let’s call him Ah Tan (as we were never introduced to him). Ah Tan communicates in Hokkien and is a typical Chinaman contractor who talks very loudly on his phone. Occasionally the contractor, Jarrad, will throw him a question or ask his opinion in Hokkien and he would mutter something in reply.
Anyway, we met at a restaurant that served fusion, not very fancy. He uncomfortably perched on the edge of his chair and glanced at the menu. When the waiter came, he ordered “Kopi!” and proceeded to quietly sit and waited for instructions from the main guy.

Unfortunately for Ah Tan, his coffee came in a somewhat fancy manner. The coffee was in a small metal container which looks something like the picture below, the milk in another container and a tall glass filled with ice.

From the corner of my eye, I observed him as he poured some coffee into the glassful of ice. He tasted it and didn’t like it. In the end, he spooned up the coffee carefully with a teaspoon from the little metal container. So kesian! I never checked if he finished it, poor chap.

Hence for our meeting today, we are going to McD’s. At least the coffee there isn’t complicated and hopefully he would be a bit more comfortable there.

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