Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kelentong Queen

I am horrible at recognizing people. Needless to say, I’ve had my share of people coming up to me and calling me by name yet I can’t even place which chapter of my life they crossed path with.

There is a new skill that I seem to be picking up with regards to this inability.

The first time it happened, I called the wrong person and complained about something. The poor girl on the other end was bewildered, “I thought I settled everything to do with your case already!” When I realized I called the wrong person, I complicated the story so in the end she was even more confused so I hurriedly told her I had to go somewhere.

Last week, I bumped into this lady at my office and thought she was from Supplier A. We chatted and then she said she was supposed to come back to me on one of the jobs we’ve done together. I went on to explain to her something completely different and continued to talk until a look of utter confusion crossed her face. When she mentioned her colleague’s name only then I realized she was from Supplier B!

So, in the midst of her bewilderment, I carefully twisted my conversation to make it relevant to her. She didn’t know what just happened so I left it as that and walked away.

I dont' think I'm the only one, all-ye-who-are-smiling-now, right?

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kennethleong said...

You're lucky you don't live in NZ. Otherwise you'll be blogging about this occurrence daily :)