Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Last night I reached home after a wonderful meeting with an old friend from high school days. What started as a stressful day ended in great joy with loads of laughter and catching up with Steph whom I last met 17 years ago.

Upon reaching home, I happily released Ang Ku from her cage and secured her on the leash to the shoe rack as usual. Then I went to accompany KS for his midnight dinner for about 20 minutes.

When we came back, to our shock and horror, the cat was missing along with her leash. Somehow it unhooked from the rack and she had made her great escape. We found her at our neighbour’s porch and despite pleas and cajoling, she refused to budge and remained out of reach from whatever brooms and poles we tried protruding at her. We used a spray and drenched her from head to tail but she remained stubborn and glared at us.

KS wanted to climb the fence but we didn’t have the proper chairs/ladders. At about 1:30am, we decided to sleep and catch her the next morning when our neighbour awoke. At 5:50am, KS woke up and asked me to help him search for her since she disappeared from the neighbours’ porch.

Not able to see clearly, we stumbled around the neighbourhood, calling out to her to no avail and decided to return to sleep. I woke later to get ready for work, eyes swollen and brain woozy from the lack of sleep and heard a stray cat behind the house calling to another cat on the roof. We ran out but were disappointed to see a grey cat staring back at us from above.

However, within a breath, we heard her calling us from under a parked car. Even then, she resisted being dragged out and KS had to crawl on all fours under the car to reach her.

Today, we both are grumpy and tired. All because of her defiance. She is SO grounded for a week at least!

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