Monday, May 03, 2010

Now Everyone Can...

Malaysians companies don’t seem to be very creative. When the banking site came up and became highly successful, we started seeing other companies following suit, or Every time I came across another one, KS and I would look at each other and roll our eyes. It became THE trend of website names at one point.

Now, ever since AirAsia started using the tagline “Now Everyone Can Fly”, everyone else has been following the same tagline. The recent ones I’ve seen are:

Now Everyone Can Ride Horses (for a Turf Club offering horse riding classes)
Now Everyone Can Drive (car rental)
Now Everyone Can Donate (some charity thing)
Now Everyone Can Swim (swimwear for Muslim women)
Now Everyone Can Have a Maid (for a part time maid service)
Oh well, it used to be that every company wanted a tagline that would match or top Nike’s Just Do It. Like real. I guess all those countless meetings of bosses strutting up front, trying to do a William Wallace/Aragon of stirring up their troops’ morale prior to going into a war “You can come up with something better than Just Do It! It’s just three little words! Think out of the box!” never really bore fruit. God knows how many of these meetings I myself have been through.

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