Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kampung Girl

When my parents were purchasing furniture for their old house, Dad lamented that Mum had this Kampung Girl mentality and “destroyed” the look of the house. They would buy this nice looking sofa and after placing them in the hall, Mum went out and bought a plastic deck chair like this:
Yup, the trusted chairs in old folks home all over the nation.

After they shifted to the current place they are staying, Mum bought yet another one for this new house. Dad grumbled and complained of her “lack of taste”. She insists they were very cooling to nap on yet she has never used them after she bought them.

Fast forward, now that I’m renovating my new house, I find that my design sense is no better! Well, okay, I draw the line at that chair but this is what I got my parents to buy for me since I find it practical and my parents also have it:
Now, my architect/interior designer friend finds out this is going to sit in the new glossy pristine kitchen, he’s going to have a heart attack. When I suggested to place metal shelves somewhere, his eyes widened in disbelief and he vehemently said, “You can use the existing cupboards, please don’t put in more shelves in this kitchen (which is going to be lined with cupboards)”.

With my little sense of design, I now know it looks kinda out of place. And very kampung, which is totally not the theme of our house. Plus my parents decided to give it to us as a house warming gift. Uh. Oh. Perhaps we could hide it when our architect visits later.

And what does KS say to all this? He says, serves me right for not listening to him in the first place when he disagreed to get it. :(


Hahaha! Last night we met up with our architect friend and told him we wanted to hang brooms somewhere in the kitchen. His eyes nearly popped out of its sockets and his jaw hit the floor. "Wha... wha... WHAAAT??? Hang your brooms in the midst of your expensive kitchen cabinets???" In the end, he succumbed and just said, "When I come over for a visit, just use something to block it from my view".

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kennethleong said...

Siaw Hui is wanting a hot water autoboil flask, but can't find in Akl.