Saturday, February 11, 2006

Damn Bus

Last night on our way home right after KS picked me up from work, a bus grazed into my car on the right side. The car jolted and the bus paused before proceeding to move on. KS, who was driving, indicated with his hands for the bus to pull over into a smaller lane to check it out but of course the bus ignored us and went straight on. I jumped out of the car, since we had already turned into the lane and sprinted to catch the bus. They had just dropped some passengers off and had quickly moved off until I slammed the sides repeatedly with my palms.

Those buggers just looked at me, "What?" while I shouted "Hey, you knocked into my car and didn't even bother to stop!", "Where got? Tak kene pun?! Where got scratch your car also? Nothing lah!" and drove off.

I have the bus number but the damn system here is that there is no place I can complain. Would the police bother? We tried calling the Complaint Line numbers behind all buses and lorries but no one picked up.

My car isn't too bad, just dented and with a 2m scratch which can be easily fixed with repainting my car. But oh, I am so angry with those idiots!

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w.e.n.d.y said...

Write to the newspapers! Go! Go! GO!