Friday, February 17, 2006

Week in PJ

For the past week I've been staying in PJ as it is getting more and more difficult for me to get to work from Klang. The week before, we woke up ealier and earlier as the week drew on but I still reached my office about 15 mins late. And since I'm not even a confirmed, I decided to stay in the PJ house, follow Jan as she leaves for work and reach my office almost half hour before work actually starts.

It's worked out well as I've been happy staying here without having to face the jam in the morning. I might do this more frequently, until I'm confirmed at least. My heart belongs to PJ and it's never been happier being here. Well, minus KS not staying over either on most days. Perhaps I'll do this on alternate weeks.

But as my boss said, "So one week early and the next late ah?"

Not healthy for my marriage? It has helped as we were fiercely arguing all the way through the jam for the whole week since there was the tension of knowing I was gonna be late and in the end, get fired.

Ah.. see how it goes.

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jo-bloggs said...

i know what u mean. i spend 3.5 hours on the road commuting everyday. and i had hell from my boss for staying back to help out when he knew i wasn't feeling well. jobs n bosses!