Friday, February 24, 2006

1st Wedding Anniversary

This weekend will be my first wedding anniversary. And what have I lined up for the special day? Well, KS will be attending a meeting while I’ll be home playing Sims2 (if it works – cross my fingers).

It’s been so difficult trying to come up with something special to do. An ex-colleague goes to different spots in KL where they’ve never been before, be it the bird park, the Planetarium and the new Aquarium in KLCC. That’s pretty different and it doesn’t cost as much as flying out to Langkawi or something. We initially hoped to go up to Gentings again and enjoy the cool weather.
Oh well, maybe we’ll go eat some place special and remember to bless those who helped us during our wedding. Thanks guys, I still appreciate all that you did for us on that day.

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