Thursday, February 16, 2006

He Dies!

As much as I love reading the latest Harry Potter, I have come to the final pages of when He dies. And I KNOW he dies but I dread to find out how. Hence, it has taken me longer than usual to finish a Harry Potter.

Sigh, I can't avoid it anymore and tonight's the night when I will find out how he died. I hope there's hope at the end of the book though...


Okay, the ending's sad. He dies and there's no more school next year.


Ron said...

yeah it was a huge shock to me when I read it - the plot thickens!!!

Grace said...

When the current Dumbledore took over from the original in the movie - I found it hard to like Dumbledore.

Anyway, it might be like a Star Wars thing, when Obi Wan gives up his life so that Luke Skywalker could be stronger. Kah kah!

jo-bloggs said...

i'm still in denial.