Thursday, February 23, 2006

New Toy

Tonight, we will be proud owners of a new PC. We finally dragged our pal, H, to the IT Floor of Sunway Pyramid Mall on Tuesday night to help procure and negotiate it for us. Of course, everything was absolutely gibberish to KS and I and H was really instrumental in getting the specs, what we could forgo etc. Sure, I know what is a RAM, what is a CD Burner, hard disk size but when the vendors start talking about alternatives to Pentium 4 or what type of RAM and video card, that's when it gets complicated.

Then there are, like, 20 shops selling the same thing, which one do we go to? Everyone was soliciting us as we walked past. We ended up walking into those that displayed more CPU covers than those with accessories. H did all the asking. Sure, we threw helpful questions along the way, "Uh, are the speakers included?" and we were nearly convinced by someone who proclaimed his pricing was "Low Yat pricing" (another mall in KL famous for their IT stuff). In the end, we chose the friendliest chap who attended to us.

In the end, I think we have a pretty neat system to start off with. I'm gonna have to update myself on PC games (I did have the Sims2 craze a couple of years back, let's see if I'm still crazy over it) and WarCraft III although network would be more fun. That's it, that's all I know about PC games at the moment.

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