Friday, February 10, 2006

Half-Blood Prince

Thanks to Monster, I now have with me... the 6th Harry Potter book! I can't wait to read it but have to pace myself otherwise I won't sleep this weekend. However, the important bits I already found out from Wikipedia so reading the book is just more of filling in the blanks. Heck, I'm still excited though.

Speaking of weekend, I have to go to a client's annual dinner this Sunday. Yeah, right after a fortnight-long of stuffing my face and sleeping most of the time. None of my dresses fit. Heck, what-to-wear has always been a stressful thing for me because most of the time, my sense of dressing is so faux pax. Gawd, I still roll my eyes and cringe whenever I think of what I wore for my friend's brother's wedding.

Anyways, tomorrow is my first weekend off due to the 5-day week given to all banks and I have two choices: to go look for a dress for Sunday dinner or to go look for a new computer. Yeah, we've got our phone line AND Streamyx is knocking on our doors. Ah! Fast Connection! Sweet sweet words.

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Karen said...

You can always shoot me an email. I am the Queen of fixing wardrobe woes!!