Friday, February 10, 2006

U2 Immersion

I’m so elated that U2 won 5 Grammies! Grammies was never a big thing for me but this time around, boy, was I pinned to the tv last night just to watch their performance! I found Bono to be very tired and his voice strength seems to have weakened. Poor thing.

Over the week long holidays, I immersed myself with everything U2. My sis-in-law got KS the U2 Vertigo Tour filmed in Chicago since she didn’t manage to get us the U2 tickets in Australia. We watched it, then again, and again and again. For me at least. KS was satisfied at watching it once. Now I have almost memorised the actions for all my favourite songs in there.

Also, I started reading the book U2 and their spirituality. Haven’t gotten far since I’ve been so tied up at work – today’s Friday past 7pm and I can’t be bothered to look at the reports I’m supposed to churn.

Of course, to top it all up, I’ve been listening to all their albums, especially the Best of 80s, 90s and Vertigo.
Worst thing is, no one in my office talked about the Grammies. Instead, they talked about Rain (the Korean famous singer), that other famous Chinese dude who acted in Initial D, Jay Chow and Daniel Wong or whatever. I was silently screaming U2! U2! while they discussed. Sigh…

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jo-bloggs said...

i like U2 too!