Friday, April 25, 2008

Desired Thingamajigs

One thing I learnt and appreciate from my ex-company is that I get to see weird gadgets. These items would be commonly found in the USA but not here in Malaysia.

For example, I have been looking for a cork extractor/butler’s friend/ah so extractor. You know, the cork extractor that has a two-prong metal bit that helps remove a cork from a wine bottle? Yeah, you’d probably get it at any Woolworth’s or the nearby grocery store in America. But NOT HERE IN MALAYSIA. Except my ex-company of course, which costs 10 times more unfortunately. I’ve come to the conclusion that one fine day when I finally place an order on, I’d throw a cheap one into my basket too.

The second item is a bag hook. I love the idea that you can hang your bag on this hook during dinners and not worry about it falling on the floor as I normally place it on my chair. Again, my ex company has one in silver, beautifully made but again, it costs a bomb. And silver and I don’t go together. No siree. I can blacken any silver piece within a week. I’ve given up polishing my silver seahorse brooch. Some people are fortunate that they can wear silver accessories and make them shinier.

So anyway, these two items are the odd thingamajig I’ve been eyeing since I left my old office 3 years ago.

And guess what? I found the bag hook in Central Market!
Alas, it’s rather ugly and um… patriotic but I guess that will do for now. My colleagues looked at it and exclaimed what a wonderful invention it is as they’ve never seen one before. Again, if not for my ex-company…

My hunt for the cork extractor continues.

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Monster said...

Jo, I didn't know you were looking for one. I am selling purse holders! Don't suppose you are still looking for another?