Thursday, April 10, 2008


As you know, the thing that bugs me most when it comes to formal events is "What do I wear?". Yours truly has just been volunteered to co-emcee for an event next week, the launch of a super serious high level product. The guests are expected to be top management folks and it is held in one of the most expensive locations in KL, the Carcosa Seri Negara.

So, instead of worrying about what do I say, my nightmares are already starting on what I should be wearing. An evening dress when everyone is in suits? A business looking dress (if I can still fit into that)? Was advised against wearing a coat and encouraged to wear a skirt because my co-emcee is a guy.

I so despise dressing up! If you'd be so kind as to drop a comment, I'll flood your email next week with some pictures of what I currently can fit into to get your vote. :(


Grace said...

You need a stylist!!! Good grief you haven't much time! Can you find one ASAP?

Karen said...

A beautiful, simply cut woven shift black dress. Classic pumps.

Bring several accessories just in case -

If it seems evening-ish, you put on sparky earrings/necklace, or a beautiful scarf prefably with some sheen, fishnet tights.

If it's businessy - more sedate earrings/prefably studs. Dark tights.

Can't go wrong.

jo said...

thanks!!! i've managed to borrow some shifts from my colleague and now will go home and try them out.

Monster said...

Ooo, Carcosa is very nice and cozy. Lighting is pretty dark though, so something bright or white will ensure you get attention.

But while it is a formal, it does not need to be stuffy. A cocktail dress will not be out of place. Or if all fails, there is the trusty kebaya.

jo said...

you're the 3rd person who has mentioned about the kebaya. i shall certainly put it as one option.

thanks so much guys.