Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sinful Choc Cake

I just attended my first baking class. On the syllabus were three cakes, Nutty Mousse Cake, Baked Cheese Cake and Moist Chocolate Cake. Guess which one made me not only sign up but also dragged Mum along.

It was quite fun and the instructor was very open to any question. No question was too dumb. I learned that there IS a difference between cocoa powder and chocolate powder. And that printed recipes are usually inaccurate. We had to almost rewrite everything from the notes that were given to us.

In the end, we each got to take home a slice of every cake and sampled the leftovers. The chocolate cake is really really yummy. "If you have a girlfriend who is slim and shapely, keep giving her this cake as a revenge!" is his advice. It's irresistible.

This guy shared that when he was studying in Switzerland, his homework was to create a new cake every day. Wow.. that sounds really impossible! I only follow recipes, I have never created a cake. So what we learned today were all his own. And I paid double for this recipe since I insisted Mum come along in case I could not understand what was going on!

One fine day, I will attempt this with Mum and let you know the outcome.

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