Sunday, April 06, 2008

Weekend Fishing

I know I’ve always mentioned wanting to go fishing. No, last weekend, this was a different kind of fishing – rescuing guppies from my in-laws pond before we could scrub the algae which stagnated the water feature.

At the first glace, the algae looked absolutely disgusting. I didn’t even want to touch it so when it got entangled on the net, I would furiously whack it against the closest brick. After a while, it just got too tiring and I resorted to using my bare hands.

Anyways, I was getting more and more ill each time I stepped out into the blazing sun so it didn’t cross my mind to take photos while I was at the task. But here are some photos on my successful catches and how the pond looked like before we scrubbed it out.

My catch for the day.

The green monster.

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