Sunday, April 06, 2008

I'll Be Loving You Forever

First it was Take That. Then the Spice Girls. And today, by fluke, KS searched for NKOTB (New Kids On The Block, if you didn't know) on youtube and voila! They're getting back together too!

While I am typing this, youtube's playing all their old songs. And I'm singing along. To every. One. Of. Them. Man... this brings back SO much memories! How I scrounged every magazine for their posters, bought, begged, borrowed every video they ever produced! I mooned over Joey McIntyre before getting confused and also liking Jordan Knight. Oh their moves! Their ability to sing was secondary but their songs were darn catchy.

I remember playing Step By Step over and over and over on my radio one weekend and my neighbour finally retaliated by playing it back just as loudly. I even despaired that Tsiang's grandma would know Michael Jackson and NOT KNOW the NKOTB!

KS claims that guys used to diss them then because they were jealous and in secret, they'd try the Step By Step dance on the stairs. Okay, okay, I tried it too.

Sigh... the original boy band is finally coming back again! Balding, but coming back together again. May 16.


ron said...

ohhhh noooo...haha
these boys are still in pretty good shape though - I mean physically not musically :)

Grace said...

Yes, I reckon they look better now than they did years ago!

jo said...

of course lah! they were kids back then. but i'm glad to see that none of them developed a beer belly.