Monday, April 14, 2008

DIY Sewing

I’m finally wearing a borrowed cocktail dress, as I couldn’t fit into any shift dresses borrowed or owned. I feel fat in it but heck, I just don’t have the time to search for another and will disguise my fat arms with a shawl.

Anyway, this has spurred me on to search for that perfect shift. I’ve always wanted a scoop neck line with an empire waist dress so maybe it’s time for me to hit the streets to look for a tailor.

Browsing on the net, I came across a few designs and some of them come from those ready patterns you buy off the shelf and sew on your own. It’s a shame these patterns can’t be found in Malaysia. I remember attempting to sew one wrap around skirt, bending industrially over the cloth in the dusk light while Mum was busy over the sewing machine.

It was nearly completed. I only had to iron on this white belt that would make the cloth firm for the waist and then fold it away from sight. Never got around to doing just that part. Otherwise, the whole skirt would have been complete!

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy to pick this up again as resources are limited. Especially patience.

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