Thursday, February 04, 2010

Buying House Stress

Our journey of purchasing a house so far has just climbed a notch on the stress-o-meter. Our lawyer preempted us that our loan would be disbursed very soon and set our expected date of key handover before Chinese New Year, which is in two weeks.

So last Sunday, we decided to go see the owner, bring our architect to take a look so that we can start discussions on the renovations. However, the owner seemed slightly misinformed and said her lawyer told her not to shift out since she still hasn't gotten the payment. When I tried to tell her that the loan is on the brink of being disbursed, she simply waved me off by repeated, "My lawyer says not to shift until payment is made". So since I didn't have the loan yet, I kept quiet but I was very disturbed. Her house didn't look like it was being packed.

Today, our loan has just been disbursed and we are about to make payment. Normally, the owner is supposed to handover the keys in 3 working days but she had requested for 5 working days in the Agreement, to which we consented. So by right, she's supposed to handover the keys next Thursday or Friday. Otherwise she will have to start paying us a daily interest rate.

So she calls me and say something to this extent, "Remember last Sunday I told you that I wanted to shift after CNY right? So just wanted to ask if you can waive off the interest rate until I shift. After all, you can't start your renovations just yet isn't it?"

What do you think? We chased for the payment after you first indicated you wanted to be paid in two months instead of the normal three. And just when is "after CNY"? She also did mention "end of the month". So we pay for our loan for almost a month before you decide to vacate it for us?

At the same time, we don't want to antagonise her too much because what if she destroys something in the house? Block the sewage?

Grrr... I hate being held hostage. We were considering letting her stay on for free but I'm just glad that my lawyer is a good one who advised me not to let go of my right so soon.


Grace & Matt said...

No way, don't give in. Ask your lawyer to deal with it. You met the terms of her conditions by shortening the time frame for settlement. Remind her of that. She just wants it according to her own convenience that is all! Don't give in, I tell you. No bank will give you an interest free loan and why should you have to suffer for it?

jo said...

yeah, that's what i'm planning to do. she has my number and called me immediately after my lawyer called her lawyer to say we have the money. so if she calls again, i'll just tell her, "my lawyer said...". i think she has a crap lawyer, who hasn't been giving her proper information, that's all.

Grace & Matt said...

So are you planning to move in before CNY? That doesn't leave you lots of time to organise stuff!

Ron said...

I wonder if she can pull other tricks out of her sleeve to annoy you further! What a nightmare! Will the lousy Malaysian authorities do anything or they'd probably tell you to wait until the old lady moves out! "After CNY" can mean anything and who knows if that stupid lawyer of hers said to her to say something non-specific so she can buy her time...

jo said...

no, we are not moving in before CNY as we plan to renovate the place a bit first before we move our things from klang. so, like she says, it's not like i'm shifting in immediately.

still, we'd like to be able to go to the house already as and when we like since we are in talks with our architect on the things we'd like to do.

if she doesn't move out, we'll leave it to our lawyer to deal with her. this is why we have our own lawyer. she initially suggested we use her lawyers "to save money". thank goodness we didn't otherwise we'd be in a horrid fix now.