Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rare Movie

There's this movie I've been wanting to get my hands on for the longest time. I watched it twice in the cinema when it came to Malaysia in year 2000, I think. Both times I was tickled to bits with it and would love to show it to my family.

The show is called "Welcome Back, Mr McDonald". KS tried to search in every DVD shop he could when he was in Japan but they all did not have it.
I myself have been searching for the DVD on the internet and find that it's been discontinued and there's a limited number of copies on Amazon. And while it is a DVD I'd like to have, to have it sent here to Malaysia is too costly. And because it's so rare, the prices for a second hand DVD is also too high for consideration. The cheapest second hand copy is going for USD14.98, which, when converted to RM, is not something I'd pay for for a DVD.

The "local suppliers" here also do not keep copies of such a movie. Hence, it looks like I have to be a bit more resourceful (ahem) and learn how to make use of P2P software.

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