Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bag Jinx

After much complaining on how my last expensive bag gave way within less than a year, I finally decided to buy an even more expensive handbag, ensuring it would be made of leather this time. And real leather, not like the last one with faux leather that peeled off horribly on the handles.

So I hunted for the bag that I would be comfortable in carrying, never mind the price tag if it's below RM1,000. Finally, I decided to get a Braun Buffel bag, after reading plenty of good comments on how happy other users are of theirs. And since they boast of their wonderful leather, I settled on one that could be converted into a sling bag.

After using it for three days, yes, just three days, the zip tab came apart. While I can fix it up in a jiffy, once it's loose, the chances of it happening again will be very likely. So tomorrow, I'm hoping I can take it back to the shop to have it fixed/exchanged.

Now is the time to see how good their customer service is. At that price, I'm expecting it to be at least better than my previous experience.

Customer service was great! The sales staff didn't even ask if I wanted it fixed and promptly said she would replace me with a brand new bag. Excellent!


Ron said...

I nearly bought one of their wallets too - Peter bought one a few years back and says its great but I guess there's less zips and stuff in a wallet than a handbag!

jo said...

you know what, i've been reading good comments from those who bought their wallets while those who bought handbags were few. so maybe the leather is good but not sure about the other parts like zip.

they provide free lifetime polishing by you just bringing it into the shop, which is another good thing about this brand