Sunday, February 07, 2010

Memories of Good Ol Times

During our trip back to Melaka with Ron, we took the effort to go back to my grandma's old home. We spent many school holidays there, climbing the guava tree, playing in between the banana trees, walking along the monsoon drain to the market in Tengkera and almost destroying my grandma's vegetables.

Now, the house is owned and used by a contractor who has turned it into a store house. The garden has been replaced with a shed to keep tools.

This is where my grandma used to plant banana trees and pineapples. She had trouble with people stealing her fruits and she'd sometimes wait with her lidi broom to chase the thieves.

Karen and I would play around this area. We had sadly carved our names on the trees on our trip just before they migrated to Canada, knowing it would be at least a decade before we met again, declaring this would be our secret place forever. The carved names are gone and I'm not even sure if it's the same tree.

This is the monsoon drain. It used to look much larger and scarier while the bridge of the far right used to seem so far away. Now, the drain looks smaller and the bridge no longer looks like it is unreachable by foot. However, the stench still remains the same so it still brings back memories.

Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the photo of the house while clearing my phone. Ron, do you still have it?

Your phone camera is so clear! Time I went to fix mine.
The house now.


Ron said...

I've emailed you some pics

Karen said...

I was going to ask you about the trees... I will need to find pictures of us goofing around the garden your last visit... Memories indeed...

jo said...

i think i do have those photos plus the family photo we took on the porch. it's somewhere...