Thursday, February 11, 2010


Got our keys already!! It was passed through our lawyers. So tonight will go check it out once we collect it. Phew! No delays, no drama... and hopefully no dead dog left in the acquarium.

Ok, no dead dog in the acquarium but looks like a tornado swept through the house. All their things are still there, the beds, the junk, mattresses etc. They took the fish, which they said they'd leave behind for us so my newly purchased fish food is going to be kept one side until we get our own fish.

There's even a motorbike in the driveway and cupboards, drawers and other junk left on the driveway too. Which also means they still have a set of keys to the house. Our lawyer is now talking to her lawyers. We'll see what happens next.

We're giving her until Wednesday to clear everything out.

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