Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Every year, my Chinese New Year begins with the meeting of good old friends for our yearly must-have yee sang. This year, in keeping with our tradition, we met up again and this is the first time we're taking a photo together (missing member would be Gaya's hubby who couldn't make it this time)

Then, there's the packing of the ang pows. I still prefer my ex company's ang pow packets last year but guess my new company's design for 2010 is still presentable:

And of course there would be some nice ones for parents and closer family members:This year, we didn't take our usual family photo as we were already late in heading to Masjid Tanah. Never mind, will find a time to take one when we're in Ipoh in a few days.

In Masjid Tanah, KS relatives would always have a lion dance visit their house. I'd often take photos but never posted them so I thought I'd just share them this year.

Basically, their modus operandi is by driving around the housing area asking if any household would like to have a lion dance for a fee. They would then unload the lion costume, get prepared by asking the host to place a tray of oranges complete with ang pow packets in the middle of the living room.
Then they'd dance from the porch into the hall, with the head always facing the house even as they back out. They'd do a little dance in front of the oranges and then proceed to "swallow" the tray.
This is the first time I observed who get the job of peeling the oranges and notice the tray has been passed to the back guy. Poor thing, he not only has to bend from waist the entire time nor does he have a face yet he has to peel oranges in the fastest time possible with the cleanest cuts possible.

Thereafter, the tray is presented with the mouth of the lion to the owner, sans the ang pow.

Anyway, I'm sure you all know what goes on so I won't elaborate too much on that. This year, however, we have a new addition to the family:

Meet Yet-To-Be-Named Husky! She's a few months old and looks so adorable!

Anyway, that has been my CNY so far and it's only Day 1! Have a great New Year ahead, wherever you are!


Ron said...

so cute! gee they really love their dogs don't they?

jo said...

yes, she's a real beauty and typical of huskies, she has one eye white and the other normal. looks weird but that's normal, i'm told.

Ron said...

All that thick fur in Malaysia - panas kah beh si!