Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bye-Bye Klang

Yes, although the place is far, we will miss our first home in Klang when we sell it off. The few but beautiful walks we had around the man-made lake:
We used to keep our expired bread in the freezer and then come Sunday evenings, we'd come here to feed the fishes. I wonder if they survived all that oily bread people kept feeding.

This is how my house looked like. It's been renovated and given a makeover by the new owners. This is how I'll always remember the facade of it to be. The once scrawny tree is finally blooming and is now one of the healthiest on the street.
We have a huge master room and 9 foot long wardrobe. (Ahem, as you can see, we never got around nailing the mirror on the wall). The master bedroom in our new place is very much smaller, that I'm worried my king sized bed isn't going to fit. Then we had cheerful guards who somehow managed to find us on the rare times we visited the house to come collect protection money. Well, he wasn't cheerful when we complained they didn't inform us when one of our windows was accidentally left open for a few weeks.
We found two good places to eat near that area. One is a tim sum shop but since we can get fairly good tim sum in PJ, the other shop will be the one we'd miss most. Yes, Klang Bak Kut Teh:
This shop we frequent serves both soup and dry versions. We always order both as you can't have one and not the other. We have yet to discover a good BKT place in PJ, let alone the dry version.
KS assures me we can come back to eat this but we're just not the type who'd travel 45 minutes just to eat good food. So looks like it would be some time before we will come back to eat there again.

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