Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Bon Voyage

Less than one year after Grace left for US, now Jan is also leaving to Singapore. While Singapore is just a neighbouring country, her 1.5 weekends will not be Saturday or Sunday since she will be in retail. Plus, with just 1.5 off days, it doesn't allow her to come back that often.

This is a great opportunity for her as it is a field (nutrition) she has been longing for for some time now. She was going through some interviews for jobs here in the Klang Valley as well with one promising prospect with a reputable company but which will put her back to the same job function as she was before, which she isn't passionate about. 

Between the job in Singapore and the one in Klang Valley, the Singapore job seemed to be a narrow path which would then take her to a platform with even more doors into nutrition. Plus it gives her a good ctrl-alt-del to cut the monotony she's experiencing in general and spread her wings.

Again, as much as I'd prefer the entire family to stay here in PJ with us, I think she will truly enjoy Singapore and may stay there longer than she imagines herself to do.

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Ron said... long as the kiasu-ness won't annoy her and prevent her from getting somewhere!