Sunday, April 18, 2010


As I was growing up, I often wondered if my Mum was trying to give birth to me on her birthday since ours are only 3 days apart. I suspected that I was a bit too late and may have caused a "darn it!" reaction from my Mum because my aunt, her sister, had her daughter on the same birthday as her.

Now, I noticed the competitiveness in my Mum over matters like this and it was more prevalent recently. My cousin Karen gave birth to a beautiful girl just a week ago, a few months after her brother Kelvin also had their first son.

Over dinner the other night, Mum suddenly said, "Brother now has 2 grandchildren, just like us, in such a short time. Plus he has a grand-daughter while we don't."

Long tense silence as I busily chewed on my dinner and stared at the french beans. After an age of about 5 seconds, the conversation resumed to something mundane. Eeeek! No pressure here!


Ron said...

Eee- year! So geli! Mum always says things like that - I've learnt to ignore it.

Karen said...

Don't let anyone pressure you to have a baby! You and KS have one when you do!

p.s My mum said she wanted me to have a boy because "girls are more of a worry!" Oh mothers!

Kelvin said...

I agree with Karen. The best way is not to get into the "game" at all. It's not a competition. Whenever you're ready, you're ready. And as for boy or girl, it's really not something you can control. All we asked for was a healthy and happy children and we got that and we're grateful for it.

jo said...

yeah, it will take a lot more to pressure us into a decision this big!