Friday, April 02, 2010

Darn That Tooth

This morning, while chewing on some Oreo cookies for breakfast (yes, I’m not the healthiest person), I bit into something hard. The first thought that struck me was, “Oh, is that a piece of glass? Can I write and complain to Oreos?”

When I removed the piece, it looked like some stone. Upon closer examination, I realized with a sinking feeling, it looked like tooth enamel. Quickly rinsing my mouth from the biscuit, I started taking stock of my molars and sure enough, there was a chip from my tooth that had gone through root canal.

You know how some people have examination nightmares? Well, mine are always related to teeth. So, I hopped over immediately to the dentist across the road and was glad that the dentist was available.

Unfortunately, she delivered the bad news that I had to do a crowning for it. So for now until the next appointment, I have to live with half the tooth.


Grace & Matt said...

Happened to me while I was eating chicken one day and I bit into a bone and my tooth hurt like hell. It turned out that I cracked my tooth badly.
I had to kill the root by seeing a dentist who only specialised in root canal and then go back to my dentist to crown it. The root canal specialist is amazing. He used some pretty high tech tools and injected my mouth six times so I would not feel any pain when he sucked out all my capillaries in my tooth. Make sure she gives you plenty of jabs too. I hate dentists as much as you do.

jo said...

i've already done a root canal on it and i probably cracked it much earlier since i noticed the crack some time back.

the darn dentist who did my root canal didn't give me enough jabs so i had tears and much pain as he scraped out my tooth nerves. hence, he didn't go a good job. even this new dentist said the same but since it hasn't given me any pain after 5 years.

sigh. i don't hate dentists. i just hat the things they have to do to my teeth.