Friday, April 23, 2010

Of Shower Heads And Drainage Covers

For the last couple of weekends, we've been swamped with house renovation stuff. I'm glad to say that it is coming along but realise it is a fluid thing, this renovation plans.

One moment we want to keep the kitchen blue floor tiles so we work around that colour for the cabinets. Then later, we find out that we have to hack the floor and since those blue tiles are pretty retro (no longer in production), we have to retile the place. Meaning, we can change the floor colour. Meaning, we can change the colour of the kitchen cabinets. Meaning, I can add an additional sink. Meaning, I'm back to almost square one. Dang!

And that's just the kitchen. We haven't even come to deciding the wall colours. This is going to be a long process. Well, at least there's progress, but with a few sacrifices of meeting old friends with the busyness of it all :(

But the great thing about this is process is having KS's friend, an architect who has been MOST amazing. My goodness! The input he has given so far has been really, really valuable. He does some interior decorating for his work as well so I'm really letting him decide quite a fair bit of things for matters which I have no clue to. Every time we meet, I leave feeling a little bit smarter.

Okay, back to more hunting.

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