Friday, April 09, 2010

Phone Search

Choices! Choices! First, it was between an iPhone or a BlackBerry. Then I decided, I spend more time on games than emails, so iPhone it is. Then I thought, 16G sounds like a lot of space but then again, I do tend to keep loads of songs, pictures which has easily maxed my current 4G phone. So 32G it is.

Then, the second local provider Digi started offering packages for the iPhone. It’s not my current provider, Maxis, but the Digi package is MUCH more superior. For example, the lowest package for Maxis is RM100 per month and only allows 500Kb data per month with charges as soon as you exceed this. And since you never really know how much you’re using, I’ve heard horror tales of people being slapped with thousands at the end of the month! Digi’s lowest monthly package at RM88, on the other hand, gives 1G data download and any excess will not be charged but the speed will be slower, that’s all.

Plus, my friend who works for Digi has a staff incentive to sell one package so he offered me a deal I couldn’t resist. So after much pondering and a quick decision made (quick because it took me years to decide to buy a new phone the last time), I decided to switch to Digi.

All hyped up, I went to the shop last night and tried to get myself a phone. Unfortunately, the 32G phones were all sold out! And I went to two outlets! I suppose Digi underestimated the pull power of iPhone and stocks are only coming in after 2 weeks.

Patience… patience…

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