Friday, January 20, 2006

Business Lunches

This week and next week is filled with business lunches since Chinese New Year is approaching. It's been great being wine and dined (sorry, no wine). Today I had my first lo sang of the season and I look forward to more next week.

It's just amazing how much these lunches can come up to. Yesterday's Japanese lunch was definitely above RM1000, can you imagine? We had this waitress who was sour faced like anything and when our host called out to her to bring him something, she muttered loud enough for us to hear, "Apa lagi?" (what next?) while rolling her eyes. I guess I should have reported her to the manager because they should either train her to watch her mouth or fire her.

Heck, I've just lost weight from all the stress (being able to fit into my older pants is evidence for me!) and now I'm going to happily put them on again. Bring on the food! This is the part I like about Chinese New Year.

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