Sunday, January 29, 2006


Today is the first day of Chinese New Year and as a new daughter-in-law, I followed KS back to Melaka. It has been eat, EAT and EAT since then. Oh, and sleep too.

We went to Masjid Tanah this afternoon to meet up with the rest of the clan. What is good about this family is that all of them stay in Masjid Tanah and since it's a really small town, they have a yearly pact of meeting at one house and everyone exchanges ang pows. Can you believe we were done and over with visiting within 2 hours? Back in KL, I would still be going around visiting and eating and sweating in my new clothes in the hot CNY weather. I appreciate the efficiency of this visiting method.

Oh, KS received his birthday gift from his sis in Perth - the U2 Vertigo Tour DVD. Since she couldn't get the tickets for us, she thought the next best thing was to get the DVD, bless her. We have watched half of it and hope to finish it by today but since we have guests downstairs, we'd rather not make too much noise.

Speaking of the guests downstairs, they are my father-in-law's school friends. It's great to see them get together once a year even though they've left school for more than 2 decades. One of them happens to be the brother of my ex-HR manager back in my previous company. I was introduced to them and one of the wives was sitting on a separate table from the men. She was surrounded by 3 sons and after shaking her hand, I threw them a glance and she introduced the bunch of them with a wave of her hand, "These are my sons". What followed next is the most obvious things people like to say, like "You having your lunch?" when you're busy stuffing your face during lunch time or "Eh, what are you doing here?" when they bump into you at the shopping mall. In this instance, I embarrassed myself with a "Your sons are already so big!" as though I have met them when they were crawling on their tummies.

Hence, I'm quietly sitting upstairs blogging and avoiding further embarrassment.

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jo-bloggs said...

speaking of embarrassment, i was asked where my daughter is studying when i went with ying for her interview!