Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year

It doesn't feel like a new year. No new year resolutions, no planning for the next year. In fact, I refuse to do any planning. This year has been eventful enough:

- started my blog
- got married
- shifted to Klang
- changed jobs

I think that's enough excitement for one year, thank you. Next year, I'll have to take it easy. Yeah right. Well, I certainly can't do the first three again but who knows about changing jobs. I was ah, adviced the other day for listening to my headphones. Back in my old company, I could listen to my CDs via my computer since I was located at a corner. Of course I made sure it didn't disturb anyone but now I'm seated right in the middle of the office so I got myself a set of headphones. Then, this guy whom I've hardly said hello to since I joined, came up to me and told me to keep it before someone complains, being bank ruling and all that you aren't allowed to listen to music during office hours.

Sigh, I wish I had access to all the bank rulings so that I won't embarrass myself again. Like, can I wear non-collared shirt on Saturdays, or can I wear open-toed sandals or can I not wear make up... Yes, I still hate wearing make-up and go to work in just lipstick with an occasional pat of bedak sejuk. Hey, if it worked for my grandma, it can work for me too. Besides, I find it absorbs my face oil more effectively than loose powder. Of course I don't bring it to work. Now you know why I look so fair...

But back to the bank rulings and all, I have decided it is too dangerous for me to post up my blogs from work. So I'm going to resort to how it was before I got my internet at work, via KS. Besides, my thumb drive is a bit lonely these days. Now it's going to go back and forth KS's office and mine. Hence, my postings will be one day late again.

Have a great new year everyone.

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jo-bloggs said...

Happy New Year Too!! Guess what I'm dog-sitting for a week. man, it's not easy. guess that's my eventful event for this year!