Friday, January 20, 2006

Clean Desk Policy

I have been absolutely swamped. I broke my record yesterday, coming in to work at 8:25am and leaving at 8:45pm. And I'm still busy.

So why is it that I can now take a breather? Because my boss is out for a meeting and that everyone is in an uproar over trying to get the office to fit into ISO standards. Our instructions are very funny, I wish I could publish the email here but KS advices me not to since this is internal. Basically, we’re told to clear up our desks of EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. We’re trying to achieve cleanliness with just our PCs and in-trays on our desks. Some have even cleared their desk calendars. So we now look like no one works here and the cubicles look like they are unoccupied with not a scrap of paper or files to be seen. Of course, our files are all trying to hide under our desks, unsuccessfully.

The funniest instruction is to place all our dustbins on the right side of our desk. Now, my cubicle is such that my divider is on my left, hence I can follow this rule. However, for those with the divider on the right… One colleague placed his bin on top the cabinet on his right in order to comply to this.

Now, I won’t comment much on this but the facts are enough to help you decide what we think about this. I’m just glad that I’m only almost 2 months old and was starting to stick notes on my computer. The rest of the office is still clearing up their space while I’m blogging this entry.

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