Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I know I said I wasn’t going to have any but being sick for this past week has really woken us up a little. Of course, I’m hoping this “waking up” will continue to knock some sense into us when we’re well.

Of course, you can guess what our 2006 resolution is – to get healthier by exercising. Yup, it HAS to be done otherwise we will forever be so unhealthy. Problem is, we want to join a gym but we’re not willing to pay so much for it. I want the classes while KS only wants the machines.

Other options are going jogging or swimming at a friend’s apartment. Problem with jogging is that the weather is always unpredictable and swimming takes so much effort – from lying to the guards that we’re visiting “friends” when we’re really just there to use the pool to washing off the chlorine. Yeah yeah, I’m finding excuses already.

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