Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I am still a little bit stunned as the news hasn’t sunk in fully yet that my cousin Karen eloped – at last! Sure, we’ve all been warned as she’s been telling us that was their plan right from the start, almost 5 years ago now? And her parents, whenever they’d visit Malaysia, would get sms-es from another cousin in the USA asking if Karen had taken the opportunity of their absence and eloped.

But it’s a different matter, now that it’s really happened. You just can’t be too mentally prepared for this kind of news.

The thing I wonder most is, how on earth did she tahan not talking about it during the 2 months of preparation for it? I can’t imagine having Christmas dinners with both parents and families and not talking about your upcoming wedding in less than 3 weeks after Christmas!

All in all, congrats to you and Stefan, Karen. May your lives continue to be filled with more pee-inducing laughter and love. Thanks for giving us something to talk about to our next generation. The Caribbean Sea looks absolutely gorgeous and your photos look like they jumped off a magazine page. Simply stunning. May I put them up here?

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Karen said...

Awww....so sweet! Thanks for the entry. I sent you some new pictures and you can put whatever up...